For the zystar program there's a lifetime garanty. For any remarks or request you can just send us a mail. We will process your mail and reply, solve your problems as soon as possible. If these programs can't solved online we will visit you at your home.

We unfortunaly don't provide a manual for the webservice, you have to contact us. But we will garantee you a good service that will meet your expectations... For webdesign, we will arrange everything. The only thing that you have to do is to provide us a e-mail adres, so that we and your clients can contact you when needed. We normally provide you 10 to 13 pages but at request we can add more.




Send us a short message with your specific problems and we will return a answer as soon as possible.

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Part 1 - Zystar software manual chinese 1

Part 2 - Zystar software manual chinese 2

Manuals in other languages still under developement for questions contact us.


Click on the links on the left side to download a manual in chinese for the restaurant program.


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